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Our Areas Of Focus
● Stuttering/ Fluency
● Apraxia
● Articulation
● Auditory Processing
● Challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
● Cognition
● Communication Impairment related to Hearing Loss
● Feeding and Swallowing Safety
● Language
● Motor Speech Deficits
● Post-Concussion Syndrome
● Social Communication
● Voice
Importance Of Detecting
Speech Issues Early
If a speech, language, cognitive or feeding issue is suspected, early intervention is critical for the best outcomes. Identification and treatment can begin as early as birth to three years of age.

Best practices have proven that the "Wait and See" approach decreases the likelihood of academic success in communication, reading and writing. Children that can begin therapy before they are 5 years old have a much greater chance of lasting positive changes than those who wait until they are older.

At Speech Success Academy, most communication disorders can be evaluated, identified and treated by experienced and highly specialized staff on site.
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2300 Computer Avenue, Suite H-44,
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